Private chauffeured tours of Germany & Europe since 2010 

Vehicles & Transportation 

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  • Mini bus 17 seat

All cars are the latest models!
Air conditioning (A/C) and modern car safety features are standard.

All cars are incognito, no ads or prints on them. They will not be recognized as tourist cars. 

Tours with 1 to 2 passengers will mostly be driven in a BMW, Audi or Mercedes. (any other car brand possible)
From 3 to 8 passengers you will ride in a mini- van, usually a Mercedes or Volkswagen.
Tours with 9 guests or more will be performed in a coach/ bus.
You can lean back and enjoy the service of your private driven tour thanks to our modern, safe and comfortable cars. 
We assure your safety and comfort on Germanys roads and unlimited- speed highways.
We will choose a car category which gives you enough space to  enjoy your private tour
at all times.
Don’t hesitate to ask for any other type of car or model.
Viatorius Tours Germany is the provider of your touring itinerary and will take care that each component of your trip (hotels/ sites/ guides/ transportation) will be performed to your full satisfaction!

There are several options of transportation during your trip:

- you can drive the car/ van on your own (while your Viatorius guide will instruct you regarding "German driving rules")
- or you will have a professional driver * performing your tour
* your drivers are either staff members of our German bus/ coach operators, or will be provided by Germania HTT; The Association for German American Heritage, Trade & Tourism 

// German bus driver rules apply (for example max hours of driving per day etc)